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To judge by M Cream, the first feature film from NYU graduate Agneya Singh, India’s new middle class is fast going down the bad route of the West, lost in the fumes of alcohol, drugs, sex and the good life that money can buy. He leaves the door ajar, however, for creative and socially conscious members of his 20-something generation who represent India’s future. What’s most memorable about this likable if predictable road movie is the down-to-earth coolness of the protagonist, played by Imaad Shah, the raggedy-headed son of celebrity actors Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak, who looks uncannily like James Franco in dreadlocks. Whether he and the exotic locations will be enough to get the film in front of festival audiences remains to be seen. Its strongest appeal should be for the local youth market, but its industry bow at Goa’s Film Bazaar offers no guarantee that two sex scenes and a modest bit of nudity will pass the Indian censors.


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Posted on December 22, 2013 in Journal, Movie, Photo, Press

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Agneya Singh is an Indian filmmaker and screenwriter. A graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, Agneya has only recently directed his first feature film entitled M CREAM. Shot on location in India, the film is currently in post production and is scheduled to release in 2014.

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